Board of Directors

An elected Board of Directors coordinates all Prabasi actvities. The present board members of

Prabasi are listed below.



Chairperson: Subrata Dey (subrata_dey [at]
General Secretary: Arunava Banerjee (arunava_banerjee [at]
Treasurer: Arghya Mukherjee (arghya.mukherjee [at]


Indra Chatterjee (mailtoinc [at]

Rana Bose (bose.rana [at]

Subrata Saha (subrata_2013 [at]
Dipa Mondal (mondal.dipa [at]

Tracy Haldar (haldart [at]

Internet Coordinators:

Anupam Bagchi (anupam_bagchi [at]

Torsha Banerjee (banerjta [at]

Shankha Editor:

Sunil Ghose (skghose [at]

Board Of Directors: Bay Area Prabasi has eleven Board of Directors who are elected by the Members through an election Process. The elected Board of Directors serve the Board for three years. No election is

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held if the number of candidates are less than the number of vacancies, also known as "No Contest Elections". Elections are held if there are vacancies. The term begins on


July 1st of every year. There are three officers: Chairman, General Secretary and the Treasurer. If you are interested to


become a Board Member, please check out the rules and fill in the Board of Director. The General Members do NOT elect the Chairman. General Members can only elect Directors. The term for the Chairman is for two years starting July 1st or when the previous Chairman's term ends. The Chairman can serve the board for a maximum of