• Communication
  • Mission and Vision


    Bay Area Prabasi, a non-profit organization has the following mission:

    To build a Community Center for members and other communities to enhance their spiritual, cultural, artistic and social experience through activities related to our rich cultural heritage.


    Bay Area Prabasi, a non-profit organization has the following vision:

    • PROMOTE awareness of Bengali ethnic identity and its cultural and spiritual heritage.
    • PROVIDE education and training resources in different regions of Bay Area for teaching Bengali language, culture, tradition and spiritual practice.
    • ORGANIZE cultural events involving (without limitation) Bengali and other Indian traditional and contemporary songs, drama and dances.
    • PLAN AND HOST periodic conferences and meetings to allow members to network, learn and share experiences for personal and career development.
    • ORGANIZE seminars and symposia involving Bengali youth, as well as youths of other Indian origin with their American counterparts to discuss the assimilation of the first and second generation immigrants within the American mainstream.
    • ORGANIZE events to raise funds for the relief of distress and other charitable causes.
    • PROMOTE international sports with the mainstream population in partnership with the school district.

    Prabasi has an yearly membership fee structure. Membership is mostly handled through this web-site.