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  • Astitva @ Las Vegas in NABC 2020

    Astitva @ Las Vegas in NABC 2020

    Bay Area Prabasi is pleased to announce our next production “Astitva”.

    Astitva is a musical with 3 intertwined components- dance, drama and music. Astitva will be fully staged and performed with onstage musicians in Las Vegas in NABC 2020.


    As the sun sets and the light fades, how should we approach the inevitable? We have conquered our fears, established ourselves in this foreign land, feeling both a part of its fabric and yet somehow uniquely apart from it. Now, as the children must lead their own lives, should we fear the loneliness of old age or embrace whatever life brings us?

    It has been a great life! It has brimmed with a passion towards work, the joy of raising a family, communion with friends. But where does the path lead now? So many unknowns. Will we be shunned, cast out from our own homes by the very children we raised only to be forced to find refuge in assisted living centers far from friends and family?

    Our fortunes are a mystery.

    We may be ignored by our own children but might find love and acceptance in the most unexpected of quarters.

    So, I say this, loudly: We will not go gently into that good night.

    "Du bela morar aage morbo na bhai morbo na."

    Whatever shape our Asitva takes, we shall embrace it, triumphantly.

    Concept and Choreography Sanjib Bhattacharya

    Direction Ranjita Chakravarty

    Artistic Direction Sanjib Bhattacharya, Aparna Sindhoor & Anil Natyaveda

    Music Siddhartha Chattopadhyay

    We are currently looking for:

    • Dancers between the ages of 5 to 55 (no previous dance training required)
    • Vocalist and musicians

    Interested applicants should fill out this application: LINK HERE

    For more information, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it