Bay Area Prabasi has celebrated the arrival of Mother Goddess Durga for the past 46 years. This year is not going to be an exception although we are  reimagining the Puja with the health and safety of our people as a top priority. We draw thousands of visitors every year, while this is not something we can do this year, we will be able to offer "Pratima darshan", "Anjali" and "bhog distribution" to all our members with strict social distancing measures enforced, mandatory mask requirement (we will also provide PPEs if you need it) and frequent disinfecting and sanitizing of the premises. The live Puja will be held in an open air amphitheater in Fremont, which is able to accommodate 150 members at a time (space capacity is 2000) while maintaining social distancing. We will be using appointment slots to ensure all our members are able to get some puja premise time and collect pre-packaged contactless food.


 Along with worshipping our Durga Pratima, this year, our priests will conduct a special parthiv puja - ritual that leads to growth, success, health, wealth and peace of mind. One who conducts Parthiv Durga Puja gets relief from the malefic effect of all planets. This has been an extremely difficult year for all of us around the planet, from the pandemic to the Bay Area families experiencing impact from the excessive heat, rolling blackouts, and thick blankets of smoke in our communities, some are also directly impacted by the many fires that are burning in and around the Bay Area. This year, the special parthiv puja ritual will be conducted keeping you all and your families in our hearts and prayers during this difficult time.

To ensure that our members who are not comfortable coming out in a public set up still get to experience the puja,  we will be live streaming the Puja and arranging online Anjali. Our non member visitors will be able to experience Bay Area Prabasi Puja virtually through live streaming.



Along with live streaming of the Puja to our global audience, Bay Area Prabasi is thrilled to present a virtual “Pujor Jolsha” to our members during the Puja days which will include the following highlights:

  • - Backdrop will be a majestic Thakudalan with old world charm.
  • - Include special elements of Puja like Kolkata Pushpanjali, Aroti, Sandhi Puja, Kolkata Dakhi, Dhunochee Nachh, etc.
  • - Special Appearances/Performances by prominent personalities/artists and our local Bay Area talents (More information coming soon about local participation)


For volunteering, membership and sponsorship queries, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,