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    Below are answers to some questions related to Prabasi cultural activities. Prabasi normals hosts four cultural events through the year and invites its members to participate in those events.

    Can anyone living in the Bay Area perform in Prabasi's cultural events?

    Yes. You have to apply to Prabasi to participate in a Cultural Event. To apply, you have to use our application form for cultural events. Prabasi will go through your form and approve it if the board members are confident about the quality of the program. Prabasi will then give you a slot depending on availability of a hall, and keeping in mind your light, sound and stage requirements.

    Last Updated on Thursday, 15 April 2010 07:47

    What is the deadline for applying in Prabasi's cultural events?

    The last date for application is normally announced via email to all members much before the event. Loosely speaking, the deadline for submitting forms for Durga Puja is 30 days before the event date, for Kali Puja is 20 days before the event date, for Saraswati Puja is 20 days before event date and for Anandamela is 20 days before event date. Applications may be considered after the deadline date if time/space permits and on a case-by-case basis.

    Last Updated on Monday, 30 August 2010 18:06

    Where are Prabasi's cultural programs held?

    Prabasi members stay all over the Bay Area. We try to organize our cultural events at a centrally located place so that it is convenient for all members to attend. There is no fixed place to conduct Prabasi functions and it changes for each event depending on needs and availability of auditoriums. We try to locate it near the center of mass of our members. If for some reason, a function is too far off for some members, the next function is adjusted to be nearer for the same members.

    Last Updated on Wednesday, 31 March 2010 05:43