Given below are some sites that publish articles, stores, news or poems in Bengali.


Parabaas (Web-magazine)
The first pure Bengali Webzine on the Internet which has remained unchanged over the years. Has 6 issues every year.


Shankha International
Internet version of Prabasi's own magazine. Has 4 issues every year.


Print and web magazine published in the Bay Area, mainly by Bangladesh-based nationals.


Bengali Books
You can buy Bengali books online from here. Has short reviews of each book. Also has a bengali version of the site.


Annesha - another Bengali Book Store based in India, but ships quite fast to USA.


Ajantrik - An online version of Ajantrik, a Bengali magazine published by the students of IIT Kharagpur.


Anirban (Web-magazine)
A web-magazine from the Bengali Association of Greater Rochester.


Utsab is a Bengali print magazine published from California USA. It now has an Internet appearance which has facilities to subscribe to the print version via a secure server.


Tokyo's Magazine. Publishes articles in Bengali, English, Hindi and Japanese.


A supplement of Bengalnet Communications.

A Rabindra Sangeet learning portal.


Rabindranath Tagore and some Translations of his work
Contains English translations of his work.


Bengali literary site.


The Bengal Tiger
A site built by Bangladeshi youths.


Salil Chowdhury's Home Page
The most comprehensive and authentic website of Salil Chowdhury.


Sukumar Ray's Home Page
Is a tribute to Sukumar Ray. Has a complete listing of his most famous work - Aabol Taabol.


Collection of Sukumar Roy's collection in Bengali
A brilliantly organized site with almost all original works (including pictures) of Sukumar Ray in Bengali.


Indian Review of Books


Bharat Books Contains small literary compositions and paintings by renowned artists for sale.


A site for Bengali Language. Is a pure Bengali site with several useful links.


A Bengali Poetry Webzine.


Sulekha Patrika
A pure Bengali literary site.


A Pure Bengali literary site.


A Pure Bengali literary site.


A Bengali Poetry site.


Bangla Language and Literary Society, Singapore
Literary magazine of Singapore Bengalees


English Translation of Gitanjali (1)


English Translation of Gitanjali (2)


A site on Jibanananda Das


A pure Bengali site dedicated for Bengali poetry.

A Portrait of the Hindus: Balthazar Solvyns & The European Image of India 1760-1824 Solvyns-Etchings