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  • Why become a Prabasi member?

    • Prabasi is a member's organization and is committed to serving its members.
    • If you are a member, your cost comes to less than $13/day-event (with $80.00 membership fee) - the lowest in the Bay Area.
    • This includes:
      • Cultural programs with at least one, preferably Bengali Mumbai artist with full orchestra, a number of popular Kolkata artists and groups.
      • Free Shankha magazine.
      • Elaborate ceremonies for Durga Puja, Saraswati Puja and Kali Puja along with Bhog and Prabasi
      • A minimum of four cultural events spread throughout the year and the events are hosted in the best available facilities of the Bay Area.
      • Special events for children and youth.
      • Discounted tickets for Special Events.
        • Being a member gives you a sense of belonging and ownership. Prabasi is proud to be a member's organization. Prabasi’s board is an elected board and not just a group of individuals.
        • * 5% of your donation is saved in a fund for the procurement of a permanent place for our members. Our investment is for the future, and for the members - not for hosting Mega shows.
        • Prabasi has always tried to create a balance between programs by professional artists and performances by talented local individuals and groups.

    What are the advantages of being a Patron member?


    • Your membership fee is Tax Deductible. At the end of the calendar year you will be given a letter with the payment details and Prabasi's tax ID to claim your deduction.
    • You get preferred seating in Durga Puja during Overseas star event and all Special Events conducted by Prabasi.
    • You get free food for Durga Puja, Kali Puja and Saraswati Pupa and special arrangement for Patron Food at Prabasi's Annual function, worth $15 per plate. A total of four dinners will be provided for all family members over the year. Also you get free parking at our Durga Puja venue which is worth $30.
    • You get special discounted tickets for all our special events.
    • You get free invitations to attend gathering with Overseas Artists & Volunteers during Durga Puja and all other events conducted and sponsored by Prabasi.

    Overall, being a Patron member more than pays off for all the food expenditures you would normally do when you attend Prabasi functions, plus you get the benefit of tax deduction and preferred seating.

    How does Prabasi manage all its events with such a nominal membership fee?

    Thanks to our Sponsors and Patrons for their generous donation and to our committed members we are able to plan and manage our finances. Good financial planning is key to our success.

    Members of the Board of Directors help tremendously by providing our guest artists with free boarding and lodging, entertainment trips, gifts, long distance and international calls. These expenses are considered as donation to Prabasi.

    So be a Prabasi member and be part of the oldest and largest Bengali organizations serving the Bay Area.

    To become a new member you may either use the electronic membership form or fill out a printed membership form and mail your check along with the form to the address printed in the form.