Bay Area Prabasi welcomes you to celebrate the 1998 Durga Puja Celebrations at Chabot College, Hayward on Sept 25, 26 and 27, 1998.


Dear Members,

This year marks the 25th year of Bay Area Prabasi Inc. A quarter century ago we started with only 75 families. Today we are 1000 members strong and growing. This will be a very special year. In July of 1999, the Bay Area Prabasi is hosting the NABC (North American Bengali Conference). We are very excited about this huge event that will enable all of us to celebrate our Bengali heritage for three fun-filled days of music, arts & craft exhibits, cinemas, dramas, literary seminars, business forums, and more with participants from throughout North America, India and Bangladesh. We need member support more than ever this year.

As Prabasi moves into the next millenium, it needs to consider including other agenda to its constitution that will benefit members. Prabasi is trying to set up a working relationship with few of Silicon Valley's big corporations (like Hewlett Packard's Community Outreach Program and HP's Asian Indian Employee Network Group) and other Silicon Valley professional organisations like SIPA to conduct business and technical seminars, workshops, networking and job-fairs.

Prabasi has been existing for the last 25 years on your membership fee that gives every member a feeling of ownership and pride, and that is the essence of a great organization!

I welcome you all to come and participate in this year's Durga Puja.

Thanking You,

(Shyamal Choudhury)
Chairman, Bay Area Prabasi Inc.