[Important Note] Covid Protocol for Durga Puja on Oct 9th and 10th

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You must be getting excited about attending the Durga Puja by Bay Area Prabasi on October 9 -10 at Chabot College, Hayward! We are working hard to bring you the most happening 3-day long celebration and cultural extravaganza in the Bay Area while ensuring the safety of our families and friends.

The team is prioritizing the health and safety of all our member families and adhering to the capacity restrictions mandated by Chabot College administration. To this end, please follow the below guidelines to ensure you have a seamless experience checking in at the venue:

  • Please take a picture of the vaccine cards of all registered members and guests and share it with us by completing a simple form here.
  • If you have shared your vaccination details, we will only do a temperature check on-site before allowing entry to the puja venue.
  • If you do not share your vaccination details, kindly bring all the vaccination cards for all family members > 12 years old and show it while checking in on-site. You can also perform a quick registration @ https://myvaccinerecord.cdph.ca.gov/ to get a digital record of your vaccination status on your phone instantly.
  • Please note that the vaccination check will only be done the first time you’re checking in. Temperature checks will be performed each time you enter the premises.
  • An important reminder that since this year’s Durga Puja is being conducted by Bay Area Prabasi in accordance with all county and city health and safety guidelines as well as capacity restrictions, this is a members-only event. We are unfortunately not able to accommodate non-registered guests to visit the pujas this year and we sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.
Thank you for your cooperation as we work together to celebrate Durga Puja in a healthy and safe environment for all our member families.

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