Project Breathe: Donation Match Campaign

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Thank you to everyone who has contributed to Project Breathe so far. The good news is that all your contributions amount to more than $37,000 so far!

Today, we have another encouraging news to share. 

 Arijit Sengupta, a Bengali entrepreneur now living in the Bay Area and the founder and CEO of Aible, has pledged to match all donations to Project Breathe, dollar to dollar, for up to $10,000, starting tonight. We urge all of you to leverage your respective company matching programs while making any donations. 
 The purpose of this donation match is to recognize and support the personal generosity of our community donating to this life-saving cause. There is no minimum amount that needs to be donated to qualify for this match.  

Narrating from Arijit’s personal experience – his sister living in India asked him this week to see if he could help pandemic victims requesting breathing equipment. But he did not know how he could help quickly enough to have an impact while making sure that the money reaches the right people. He found Prabasi’s initiative the right avenue to take some action and contribute to the crisis. 
So, spread the word about Project Breathe through your personal network and social media and provide them avenues to take action.

Below are the many other ways you can make a donation:

1. Bay Area Prabasi website –
2. PayPal Donation Direct Link
3. PayPal to Prabasi [email protected]
4. Bank of America – Zelle Transfer: [email protected]
5. Gofund Me:
6. Checks: 
Pay to – Bay Area Prabasi Inc. 
P.O. Box 3613 Fremont, CA 94539
(note: In the MEMO pls mention “Project Breathe”) 
7. Wire Transfer:
Bank of America 
A/C Name – Bay Area Prabasi Inc. 
A/C Type – Business Checking 
Electronic and Wires Routing #
– 121000358 (paper and electronic) 
– 026009593 (wires) 
Account # 000098410835

We are committed to providing much-needed medical supplies to every person in Kolkata who is gasping for air. 
Please continue to support us to win this battle against the pandemic.

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