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Bay Area Prabasi Online Membership Form

This is an annual membership application to Bay Area Prabasi, the Board will review the application and the applicant will be granted membership upon approval. If rejected, payment made will be refunded in full to the applicant-* original

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Membership fees (this will all be the options under the default Adult membership. For Family – Husband, Wife and kids below 4yrs is $300), Adult (18+) - $150, Youth (11-17) - $75, Youth (5-10) - $50, Kid (0-4) - Free, Parents/Guests – Durga Puja - $60 / Kali Puja - $25 / Saraswati Puja - $15. If parents are being added for the full year, it should follow the same pricing as Adults ($150).

I have reviewed the Code of conduct document and should my application be successful, I understand that as a member I must adhere to the code of conduct or will be subject to removal.