Copy of available ratified governing documents requested from State.
Currently in possession: Article of Incorporation and Amendment
Application Forms,  By-laws and related California codes


California IRC Codes (for reference)

NPBCL reference codes (for reference)

Nomination Forms for Board Member. 

Application form for Bay Area Prabasi Board member

Leadership and Governance: Bay Area Prabasi is governed by an elected Executive board of directors and the Board is responsible for the basic functions of the organization, including the Articles, Bylaws, and major decisions relating to organizational form as well as membership matters, broad policy decisions, and matters of general importance to the overall group organization. The officers of this corporation shall be the Chairman, the Secretary, the chief financial officer (who shall be designated the Treasurer).   


Minutes of General Body Meeting June 6th, 2020

Bay Area Prabasi board hosted its first virtual GBM on June 6th, 2020
More than 70 members had joined the meeting.
We maintained 30 seconds of silence in the loving memory of our members we lost this year - Dr. Arup Ratan Gupta, Mr. Asim Guha and Mr. Balmiki Sur. 
The board presented the FY2019-2020 summary including the financial, marketing/communication, cultural and philanthropy. The new Board of Directors were introduced to the members by the Chairman of the current board. The plan for FY 2020-2021 were discussed;
  • FY2020-2021 will have one level of membership ($200 single/$380 couple) which will include the following - 
    • DP and KP 2020 events are TBD  
    • Major physical events with overseas artists will be pushed towards the end of year/early next year depending on the COVID-19 situation (SP + Spring/Summer event)
    • BAP will be conducting 4 major virtual shows on a professional platform with paid overseas artists - This will also help the artists in India during this difficult time
    • Kids summer events 
    • BAP magazine - local (members) + overseas paid articles to increase the quality of publication
  • Major philanthropic initiatives - “Amphan” and COVID-19 will continue 
  • Other improvements planned- 
    • BAP website/professionally done (membership portal, enhanced security, better administrative features etc.) 
  • Major initiative 
    • BAP asset/Club as per our Mission 
Chairman Sudipto Mukhopadhyay thanked the board, working committee and volunteers who helped making FY2019-2020 successful. He also thanked past President Mr. Subrata Saha and the advisory committee for all their effort and contributions. 
Link to 2020 Deck presented in General Body Meeting 2020
Link to the 2019 Deck presented in General Body Meeting 2019
Link to the 2018 Deck presented in General Body Meeting 2018
Minutes of General Body Meeting June 11, 2016

Key Takeaways from the Annual Day Meeting:

NOTE:  Please see slide deck for detail.

2016 Durga Puja  will be celebrated on October 8th and 9th at Santa Clara County Fairgrounds .

Please note the venue change. Chabot college is not available.

We celebrated DP at Chabot College campus for last 18 years but they decided not to let us use the venue because of a) security violation b) custodian complaint and c) growing crowd, spilling of oil in the campus drainage system by vendors, people throwing used diapers and garbage in the bushes, carrying food in the auditorium, etcPossible artists for Durga Puja’16 : Usha Uthup and Joy Sarkar, Sujoy Bhowmick and Paroma Banerjee ( pending Visa approval )Possible artist for Kali Puja’16 – Kinjal Chatterjee ( pending Visa approval )Financial challenges because of cost of index increase. BOD proposed an increase of 10% of membership fee effective FY 2016-17New constitution is proposed for long term sustainability of Prabasi.

Also, the timeline for implementation of the new constitution is presented ( see the attached presentation slide deck )NABC 2017 status and organization structure was presented ( see the attached presentation slide deck )Announced that Subrata’s Chairmanship will end on June 30, 2016. He has one more year to serve as BOD. Subrata will be handing over the responsibility to current BOD to decide on the new board structure, which will be communicated to members by the end of July.Very productive meeting with many constructive suggestions for volunteer participation.Meeting adjourned at 1:00PM followed by delicious lunch.Lot of effort have been put by BODs to identify a new site for DP.  This brings us back to  the idea of owning  a place and the formation of  Trustee Committee.

Recommendations from members:

Volunteer solicitation in different areas should be announced on Prabasi website.

Volunteers should be recognized in Prabasi website with their pics and contribution

Sustain the Prabasi membership rather than aggressive increase- availability of big auditorium at reasonable cost.

Natak in Durga Puja should not be considered other than local group.

Prabasi should encourage volunteer groups in different areas ( Puja, Cultural, fund raising etc.. ) based on their interest.

Attached slide deck (2016 Meeting)


Board of Directors Meeting 2016

As per the BOD meeting held on Jul 26th Tuesday 9 pmAttendees: Indra Chatterjee, Tracy Haldar, Arghya Mukherjee, Subrata Dey, Arunava Banerjee

Subject: Chairman postSubrata Dey’s term has ended Jun 30th, 2016.

In meeting no other BODs were willing to shoulder this responsibility.

Since no other BODs is ready to accept the Chairman post, it is being proposed to nominate Subrata Dey to be the chairman for 1 year.  This is as per the by-laws 6.2.1.


Minutes of General Body Meeting 2015

Date: June 6, 2015

We had attendees 100+Yearly events,

Charitable events sponsored by Prabasi and challenges were presented by Subrata Dey

New constitution is being written ( will be effective in July/August 2016 ).

aTrustee body will be formed effective August 2016 after the New Constitution is implemented.

Financials for the year 2014-15 was presented by Arghya Mukherjee

Artist line up for the year 2015 -16 was presented by Subrata Dey and Arghya Mukherjee

Meeting completed with a Q&A


Minutes of General Body Meeting 2014

Date: June 14, 2014

Discount to Senior citizens

.Marketing the value add of becoming Annual member and Patron Member.

One flat rate for membership.

Convey Prasad distribution is free

Mention donor names on the website.

Trustee body formation target in next two years - New Prabasi constitution completion approval by BOD ( June, 2016)