Bitan Nandi Biswas


Manash Chaudhuri


Saikat Paul


Mr. Somnath Sen

Member of the Board of Directors

Mr. Abhijit Datta

Member of the Board of Directors

Mr. Dj Das

Member of the Board of Directors

Dr. Jayashree Ray

Member of the Board of Directors

Ms. Urmi Chakraborty

Member of the Board of Directors

Mr. Anjan Das

Member of the Board of Directors

Current Ms. Bitan Nandi Biswas
2019- 2021 Mr. Sudipto Mukhopadhyay
2017-2019 Mr. Subrata Saha
2012-2016 Dr. Subrata Dey
2011-2012 Ms. Dipa Mondal (Acting)
2010-2011 Mr. Ashis Sengupta
2007-2009 Mr. Pradip Banerjee
 2005-2006 Dr. Alok Chatterjee
2001-2005 Mr. Surajit Sengupta
1996-2001 Mr. Shyamal Choudhury
1995-1996 Mr. Sakti Basu
1994-1995 Mr. Ramen Chatterjee
1993-1994 Mr. Satya Ray
1993 Ms. Shelly Roy
1992 Mr. Monojit Dasgupta
1991 Ms. Subha Dutta
1991 Mr. Ardhendu Raha
1990 Ms.Milly Roy
1989-1990 Mr. Amal Sinha
1989 Mr. Subhendu Banerjee
1988 Mr. Ranjit Chakravorty
1987 Ms. Milly Roy
1986 Mr. Ardhendu Raha
1983-1987 Mr. Apurba Mukherjee
1982 Mr. Chunilal Saha
1981 Mr. Somnath Sen
1980 Ms. Aparna Sarkar
1979 Mr. Arun Saha
1978 Mr. Mrityunjoy Ghosh
1977 Mr. Satya Ray
1976 Ms. Aruna Sarkar
1975 Mr. Jnanen Tarafder
1974 Mr. Ramen Chakraborty

In addition to its Board of Directors, Bay Area Prabasi is fortunate to have a group of advisors to help guide our decision-making. Comprised of members of the larger community, successful in their respective fields, the Advisory Council members bring a wealth of knowledge from the academic, corporate, and entrepreneurial sectors.

The primary goal of the Advisory Council is to bring together senior leaders from the Bay Area community, experts in their own fields, to help the Prabasi organization achieve its longer-term goals along three fronts – Community Building, Philanthropy, and Cultural enrichment. The Advisory Council would act as advisors in critical areas like fundraising, vision, and goal setting and leverage their position in the community to enable Bay Area Prabasi to create the positive impact in the community it desires.