Join the Bay Area Prabasi Family!

Bay Area Prabasi is the first Bengali organization in Northern California established in 1974. We are registered as a charitable socio-cultural 501c3 organization in the State of California.

We invite individuals to come together and work alongside each other for the betterment of our community. Bay Area Prabasi members are actively involved in:

  • Meaningful Philanthropic projects both locally and overseas
  • Celebrating our traditions
  • Engaging in a rich network of entrepreneurs and successful people who are willing to guide and mentor the new generation
  • Involved in Incredible cultural programs involving professional and local talent
  • Contribute actively in community building to promote belonging and respect

Membership Benefits for Annual members in snapshot

Durga Puja
All local cultural programs and activities and 3 meals (Saturday Lunch and Dinner, Sunday Lunch)
Complimentary Copy of Literary magazine
Kolkata Concert (Guest artists: Sourendro & Soumyajit)
Kali Puja
Puja, Anjali, Dinner and concert
Saraswati Puja
Complimentary participation for kids from member families in cultural events,
Hathe Khori and lunch
Annual Picnic
Picnic Lunch and fun games

Membership Offering

Event Name Date Meals  Concert
DP-22 09/30/2022 None Local 
DP-22 10/01/2022 Lunch + Dinner Bollywood 
  • Included with premium upgrade
  • Regular members can add-on Bollywood with a discounted price
DP-22 10/02/2022 Lunch Kolkata
KP-22 10/29/2022 Dinner TBD
SP-22 01/29/2023 Lunch Local
GBM TBD Lunch None

In addition to the offerings mentioned above:

  • Members and their families will be invited to perform in various cultural events hosted by Prabasi
  • Special discounts may be offered to our members from time to time on various events/activities hosted by Prabasi and/or our partners
  • Special events for children and youth members and senior citizens are organized from time to time
  • Members who have obtained membership a minimum of thirty (30) days before the first BAPI event of the given fiscal year are eligible to vote and exercise the rights as defined in our constitution
  • Members will be eligible to participate in the Annual General Body Meeting and will get a chance to review the Association’s events, its financial status, and any other matter that is important for the smooth operations of the organization
  • Members will receive an opportunity to lead and serve in the Board of Directors, Executive committee, election committee, and various other sub-committees
  • Members participating in the Annual General Body will have the power to elect the Board of directors, make specific recommendations to the Board
  • Have a small business? Looking to attract new clientele? Members get discounted rates for setting up stalls and banners to promote their business during Prabasi events

Above all, being a member gives you a sense of belonging and ownership and the ability to bring change.

Our membership plans are as follows:

Pricing (Basic)

Adult Child (2-21) Parent Guest (DP) Guest (KP) Guest (SP)
$200 $100 $150 $150** $50 $40

** Guest pass in DP-22 does NOT include Bollywood concert

** No charge for children under 2 

** Member can have max 2 guests 

Add-Ons and Upgrades

Members pay an additional amount based on the below table to add-on or upgrade

Bollywood Bollywood (VIP)  Kolkata (VIP) KP (VIP) 
Adult $40 $150 $50 $50
Child (2-21) $20 $75 $25 $25
Parent $30 $100 $35 $35

**VIP passes include preferred seating plus meet and greet

Bollywood add-on (regular) will have a limited time 20% discount for the members if purchased together during membership

All inclusive Premium package

(includes all VIP access, preferred seating plus meet and greet)

Type Total Cost (annual) Breakdown Savings
Adult $375 $200 + $150 + $50 + $50 = $450 Net savings of $75/adult
Dependent Children (2-21) $125 $100 + $75 + $25 + $ 25 = $225 Net savings of $100/child
Parent (of primary member or spouse) $175 $200 + $150 + $50 + $50 = $450 Net savings of $275/parent
**For a limited time all inclusive Premium package for members can be sold for 10% discounted rate which means $375/adult can be $340/adult; so on so forth.
**Tax deductible receipts will be provided for all membership purchases after Oct 31, 2022. No additional actions are needed by the members.

You can download sponsorship brochure and/or, pay online for individual sponsorship. For additional question/clarification – please contact Sudipto (650)-533-7068 and Saikat (510) 862-9410.

Non-members Pricing (Events)


Date – 10/01/2022 (Saturday) 

Time – 7:00 pm -9:00 pm 

(Dinner and Meet & Greet after the concert only for VVIP and VIP ticket holders) 

Check-in Time – 6:00 pm 

Venue – Newpark Mall Newark

Regular VIP VVIP 
Adult $50 $200 $300
Child (2-12) $25 $100 $150

VIP – Preferred Seating + Dinner

VVIP – Front row seating + Dinner + Meet and Greet (Pic)

Regular seats ($50) can be sold at a 20% discounted price as early bird


Date – 10/02/2022 (Sunday) 

Time – 5:00 pm -7:00 pm 

(Meet & Greet after the concert for only VVIP and VIP ticket holders) 

Check-in Time – 4:00 pm 

Venue – Newark

Regular VIP VVIP 
Adult $40 $75 $150
Child (2-12) $20 $40 $75

VIP – Preferred Seating + Dinner

VVIP – Front row seating + Dinner + Meet and Greet (Pic)


Regular VIP
Adult $40 $100
Child (2-12) $20 $50

VIP – Preferred Seating + Dinner


Early bird pricing goes up by 20% after the date expires for Bollywood which means the regular tickets will become $50;
VIP remains the same. VVIP category is created for sponsors!

Seating Chart: