Bay Area Prabasi has an unwavering commitment to prohibiting and effectively responding to harassment, discrimination, misconduct, and abusive conduct. To that end, all members will adhere to these guiding principles:

  • Act with integrity and high ethical standards
  • Deal fairly with others irrespective of age, race, gender and treat them with respect
    • Use skills to mentor young people
  • Refrain from the act of misleading the members of the organization, or any external entity, through false information sharing or damaging the Bay Area Prabasi brand
  • Avoid conflicts of interest situations
  • Treat all data and information with utmost care and do not use any personally identifiable membership information for engagement in events outside of Bay Area Prabasi, inappropriate use of membership information may expose you to criminal and civil fines and penalties

Board of Directors: Conduct Expectations

  • Actively contribute towards realizing the organization’s Mission and vision and serve the community
  • Respect each other, maintain a professional level of courtesy, respect, & objectivity in all Bay Area Prabasi Inc. activities
  • Strive to uphold those practices and assist other board members in upholding the highest standards of conduct
  • Avoid Conflicts of Interest
    1. Personal Investments
    2. Business Opportunities
    3. Fully disclose to the board, at the earliest opportunity, information that may result in a perceived for actual conflict of interest
  • Preserve Confidentiality
    1. Confidential Information
    2. Membership Information
  • Protect Bay Area Prabasi’s Assets
    1. Intellectual Property
    2. Equipment
    3. Membership Data
    4. Use of Prabasi Equipment
  • Ensure Financial Integrity and Responsibility while
    1. Spending Bay Area Prabasi’s money
    2. Signing a Contract
    3. Recording Transactions
    4. Reporting Financial or Accounting transactions
    5. Hiring Suppliers
    6. Retaining Records
  • Obey the Law
    1. All applicable State and Federal Non-profit law
  • Exercise the powers invested for the good of the organization rather than for his or her personal benefit
  • Ensure the right of all association members to appropriate and effective services without discrimination on the basis of the Prabasi’s volunteer or staff makeup in respect to gender, sexual orientation, national origin, race, religion, age, political affiliation, or disability, in accordance with all applicable to legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Promote collaboration, cooperation, and partnership among Prabasi members
  • Also, as the leaders of the organization, the board members are expected to respect the diversity of opinions as expressed or acted upon by the Bay Area Prabasi board, committees and membership, and formally register dissent as appropriate.

Failure to comply with the code of conduct will result in an official warning when a transgression happens the first time and a second offense will result in termination of membership following the process mentioned in the Bay Area Prabasi Bylaws.

What If I Have a Code-Related Question or Concern?

If you have a question or concern, please communicate. You can contact our Ethics & Compliance Committee at [email protected]. If you believe a violation of law has occurred, you can always raise that through the Ethics & Compliance Committee or write to [email protected].You may report your concerns to the Ethics & Compliance Committee anonymously. However, the Committee encourages you to provide your name and contact information so that we may contact you directly if necessary.

Take Action

Any time you feel as a member that you aren’t being well-served, don’t hesitate – let us know by writing to [email protected]. Continually improving our services takes all of us.