Mr. Sudipto Mukhopadhyay


Technical lead with almost 10 years of experience in large scale, distributed telecom and messaging software platforms. Expertise on telecom protocols, call processing/features and IMS.

Ms Samita Sen

Chief Financial Officer

Samita Sen is an accomplished and highly trained educator for almost forty years. Most of her career has been in California public schools. Besides her passion for learning, she has always been an avid supporter of visual and performing arts. She believes arts are the true ties that bring unison in our variety. Besides education and arts, she carves time to volunteer in shelters and survivors of domestic violence. Samita in her unassuming way, likes to be a part of the change as and where she sees the need. Since 1985 she has volunteered in Bay Area Prabasi’s cultural projects in costume designing, team building, and production management. In more recent years of leadership, she has been a key member in supporting Bay Area Prabasi’s philanthropic endeavors.

Bitan Nandi Biswas


Bitan Biswas is a leader in the Human Resources field, focused on scaling sustainable people solutions for a growing market. As a Sr. People Manager in Google’s People Operations, Bitan directs her efforts towards building out processes and people solutions at scale while anchoring on fundamental values and a strong bias for action.
She has also served as the chapter lead for “Google Give” (Google’s Philanthropic efforts) multiple times and believes strongly in giving back to the community.
Bitan joined Bay Area Prabasi in 2005 for the first time and is currently working on developing a strategic plan with the board and staff to develop programs and products to multiply the organization’s impact to benefit the less fortunate and advance community participation in preserving ethnic identity. She aspires to leave the next generation a world with racial and gender equity.