Saikat Paul


Saikat has been a Bay Area resident for the last 16 years and has over 20+ years of experience in finance, having trained as a CPA in California and CA from India. He’s currently the Chief Accounting Officer and Sr Vice President at Qualys, a publicly listed cybersecurity company. He has previously worked at other leading tech companies as well as long stints with PwC in San Jose and Chennai. Apart from being involved with Prabasi, he also serves on Fremont Unified School District’s Supervisors Advisory Council and manages a non-profit running an online Bengali language school. Besides enjoying time with his family, he enjoys reading, movies, playing tennis, and adda.

Saikat is looking forward to enhancing the finance process and transparency at Prabasi and helping to build it into a best-in-class philanthropic organization.

Dr. Prasanta De


Dr. Prasanta De is an architect and has been leading designs for 20+ years of optimized Networking, 5G Wireless, and Compute related silicon and systems deployed across the world powering major communication and compute infrastructures. In addition, he also led teams in the areas of advanced linear/non-linear/adaptive control systems, robotics and neural networks for 5+ years. He received his D. Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Washington University, St. Louis, MO. He is instrumental in teaching/training fellow engineers at work in the areas of emerging technologies in very high-speed connections (SerDes), memory systems and very high-current power systems essential for the robust state-of-the-art 5G/Networking/Compute infrastructures.

As a Bay Area Prabasi’s member, he strongly believes in the Prabasi’s vision in creating an environment where the community members, including the 1 st generation kids, are encouraged to follow their passion for the greater good of the community encompassing individuals from all walks of life. These noble efforts are likely to address the food-insecurity, and access to the education in the greater Bay Area communities and the communities in India. Dr. De is passionate about helping individuals discover and develop skills using the individual’s life experiences, often deemed insignificant by others, to make best of their lives and succeed in their endeavor. He is also passionate about coaching parents and kids in navigating pathways for kids’ K – 12 journey and beyond.

Ms. Urmi Chakraborty


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