General Donation to Prabasi

Bay Area Prabasi Philanthropic unit's mission is to promote and contribute to the charitable, religious, literary and educational activities with particular emphasis on Bengal. Bengal has faced dual calamities this year, amidst Corona lockdown, Cyclone Amphan devastated the state, leaving thousands homeless as they wait for the monsoons. Please join our efforts to rebuild Bengal.

Amphan Relief

Several thousand people have been left homeless as the last decade’s most powerful cyclone, Amphan, devastated India and Bangladesh this week. Cyclone Amphan killed at least 96 people; officials said after it swept in from the Bay of Bengal on Wednesday. Bay Area Prabasi has quickly mobilized a team of volunteers partnering with the local clubs of the affected regions to help people through this.

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Covid-19 Efforts

Medical teams — doctors, nurses, technicians, and support staff — are working around the clock to help patients with this dangerous disease. Our scientists are tirelessly pressing onward to expose the biology of COVID-19, advance testing capacity, and develop both a preventive vaccine and a curative treatment. In the meantime, people are losing jobs and homes and lining up in front of food banks and shelter.

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Pulwama Bengal Bravehearts

In 2019, Bay Area Prabasi members and volunteers resolved to do something for our country of origin and families of the Bengali soldiers who laid their lives for it in the Pulwama attack. However, after running this initiative, we found that the charity platforms built by Indian organizations did not accept America/International credit cards or money transfers. After a few unsuccessful attempts to transfer the money legally last year, earlier this month, two of our volunteers, Puspita and Simadri Moitra, took time out during vacation time, met the families of the martyrs of the #PulwamaTerrorAttack and handed over the money directly to them.

Adopt a School

Earlier this year, three schools were each donated an amount of $1500, totaling to $4500, which was raised through our Adopt a School Campaign. In some cases, your donation will help the students to buy instructional materials in classrooms while for others- this fund will help the students with their one (possibly only) college readiness field trip opportunity. Regardless, your help will empower students to dream and succeed in their lives.