Ready for Vegas? Join us for the NABC 2022 Opening Ceremony!

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As life is slowly returning to normalcy, we would love to invite you to join NABC 2022 in Las Vegas – where the Cultural Association of Bengal is reinstating the tradition of the grand Bongo Sammelon – in-person post the Pandemic break.
We are excited to be a part of the “Opening Ceremony,” an integral part of NABC. We are thrilled to announce that the lead choreographer for this program is Guru Sanchita Bhattacharya. A disciple of both the two resurrector-doyens of Odissi, Gurus Mayadhar Raut and Padmabibhusan Kelucharan Mahapatra Guru Sanchita has represented Indian Classical dance in many prestigious world culture forums and is the recipient of Kalpataru award, “Cultural Ambassador of India” recognition, and coveted “Mahari Award” in the field of Odissi dance.
For Opening Ceremony 2022 at Planet Hollywood’s Zappos Theater, she will be the lead choreographer and be in charge of the creativity of the production. She will be supported by Guru Pragya Dasgupta and Ms. Samita Sen.
We cordially invite all dance enthusiasts to sign up for participation using this link –
We will be conducting a future meeting to provide more information to all dancers interested in being part of this grand production.