State of Project Breathe- Halfway into the journey

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May 22, 2021

We look at the state of the Project Breathe, halfway into the journey

Project Breathe team on their way to deliver oxygen concentrator to a patient with level below 90

354 human lives saved!

A few weeks ago, when Bay Area Prabasi conceived the idea of this consortium to help the Covid-19 situation in Kolkata, little did we know that we are committing to fighting a raging pandemic, a fatal fungal infection and a fragile infrastructure that will continue to struggle to procure the much needed medical supplies, weeks of the onset!

The Breathe Consortium has been working round the clock to provide life saving oxygen concentrators to patients in Kolkata and 6 other regions and has also provided free concentrator with the following reputed regional organizations for operationalizing support

  • Rotary Club of Siliguri
  • Sundarban Mukti
  • Belur math
  • Good Samaritan Foundation, Howrah
Regions serving currently
Fundraising and distribution status
**RHCF has paid for 50 10L concentrators from its reserve (approx. $50,000)
Kolkata Gives and rest of the consortium is bailing out another $60,000

Goals! Covid isn’t over …

Vaccine shortage, lack of medical equipment, hospital beds nothing has been sorted yet and the people of West Bengal are now bracing for another Cyclone which is predicted to be the bearer of after effects worse than Amphan. The consortium will continue to work on this region at least for next 3 months to assess and support the people and is trying to procure the following

  • 200 additional concentrators
  • Ambulance and rural support vehicle
  • Safehome beds for Covid patient
  • Raw grocery distribution and community meal kitchen

Cost Estimation:

**Kolkata and urban distributions facing logistical issues in terms of getting the concentrators back in the inventory due to weather, lockdown, and the cyclone to be expected in a couple of days time

If you have any other ideas on how we can better scale the support, please feel free to let us know at [email protected]

Testimonials from the ground:

Your support makes this journey possible

The Breathe Consortium wants to sincerely thank Baybasi Foster City, Utsav Sacramento, Ulhaas Utah and Sankrti as well as all our individual donors for your help. Some of our existing donors have donated multiple times  to help us fight the war against the pandemic.

Arijit Sengupta, Founder & CEO of Aible, said, “When the recent COVID crisis hit India, I struggled to have a tangible impact on the ground. Money doesn’t mean anything unless it translates into actual equipment that can help people today. The Project Breathe team took just ten days to translate our initial donations into equipment on the ground. So I am increasing the amount I have donated to them.”

This is a call from humanity to humanity; please continue to help by spreading the word and donating to Project Breathe by visiting

PayPal Donation Direct Link
Bank of America – Zelle Transfer: [email protected]

Pay to – Bay Area Prabasi Inc.
P.O. Box 3613 Fremont, CA 94539
(note: In the MEMO pls mention “Project Breathe”)

Together we can save lives!

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