An Update on Yaas Cyclone and the Project Breathe Consortium

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In West Bengal, authorities said around 1,100 villages had been flooded by storm surges, leaving at least 50,000 homeless [source CNN] . “But the figure may rise as reports are yet to reach us from interior areas,”as reported by one of the state ministers.

The cyclone is an added disaster to the people battling the second deadly wave of Coronavirus in West Bengal and the Breathe consortium has already set up community kitchens in Sundarban and other parts of Medinipur to provide support.

Below, you will find the fundraising and expenses the Consortium has processed so far:

The Consortium will continue to work in the following areas at least for next 3 months to assess and support the people through the following measures

  • 200 additional concentrators 
  • Ambulance and rural support vehicle
  • Safehome beds for Covid patients
  • Raw grocery distribution and community meal kitchen

We can only make this possible with your help; please visit our website at to learn how to support us..

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